At Forensic Psychology Canberra everyone is treated with understanding, respect and dignity. Your client becomes our client!


We specialise in gaining insight into the individual as a whole person to support decision making. Our experience ranges more than 10 years of understanding children, adults and families in both assessment and treatment contexts. We use evidence-based assessments and interventions that meet legal evidentiary rules, as well as psychological best practice. Each report includes comprehensive recommendations and treatment support.


We are flexible and can offer short-notice appointments with timely delivery of reports. Legal Aid requests can be accommodated, as can attendance at correctional institutions in ACT and Goulburn. Assessments can be conducted at other correctional institutions via video-link.


We are available to provide expert witness reports and testimony in:



Criminal (including pre-sentence reports)

Injury assessment and compensation (psycho-legal)

Risk, and

Competence matters.



Forensic Psychology Canberra Leesa

Leesa Morris

Leesa Morris began her initial registration pathway as a generalist psychologist in 2005 and completed placements with the ACT Mental Health Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team, in private practice, Defence psychological practice and organisational settings. Upon becoming a registered psychologist in 2007 Leesa began working in a private practice and in Employee Assistance Programs. In the latter role, she provided crisis response, general assessment and counselling, and organisational psychology interventions.

While completing a Master of Psychology (Forensic) on the path to endorsement as a forensic psychologist, Leesa found placements at Canberra Clinical and Forensic Psychology, general counselling and in a research project focusing on social network analysis.

Leesa opened her own practice in 2012, seeing clients from early childhood through to octogenarians. Her clients present with mental health conditions including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, addiction, and attachment disorders as well stress and well-being issues, and victims of crime. Leesa has completed more than 600 forensic assessments and reports in criminal, compensation, competence, family, child protection and adoption matters. She has also worked at the Goulburn Correctional Centre assessing incarcerated and community offenders for criminogenic needs, parole decision reports and acceptance to Sexual and Violent Offender Treatment programs. Across various roles Leesa has completed suitability assessments for adoption and parenting, volunteering in developing countries, and placement in religious mission positions.

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Emma Newton

Emma’s passion for psychology emerged in her early school years which continued to grow throughout college and university. She graduated with a Bachelor in Psychology (Honours) from the University of Canberra in 2021 before gaining acceptance into the 4+2 program for her provisional registration. Emma is currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Forensic Mental Health with the intention of gaining acceptance into a Forensic and Clinical Psychology doctorate program in 2022.


Emma enjoys working with children and adolescents, which comes from her years of coaching gymnastics. After completing her undergraduate internship with Forensic Psychology Canberra, Emma has developed her understanding of how mental health problems impact individuals across the lifespan and is motivated to gain further experience within both clinical and forensic settings. 


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