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For separating parents with low to moderate levels of conflict


Deciding how best to help your children after separation can be difficult. Conflicting information can come from different sources and it may not all apply exactly to your children and your situation. The Expert-Led Co-Parenting Agreement reviews your specific situation through psychological testing and deep dive interviews with you, the other parent and your child/ren. We then use best-practice, evidence-based research and experience to inform your parenting negotiations and mentor you to an agreement that identifies and acknowledges the individual needs of your child/ren.

The Expert-Led Co-Parenting Agreement process helps parents work together to develop a realistic and tailored solution for their child/ren using expert knowledge and experience.



  • Child expert led negotiation

  • Child focused approach to the family reorganization

  • Decisions about time spent with each parent, responsibilities and child-related costs remain within the control of the parents, with expert assistance and guidance. 

  • Minimize conflict, lawyer involvement and avoid going to court

  • Time and cost efficient (fixed price)

  • Shared strategies to raise happy, healthy child/ren with strong, positive parental relationships 

  • The assessment can be reviewed over time to adjust to your child/ren’s changing needs as they age. 


In the event that an agreement cannot be reached,

a full Family Assessment Report can be provided*

for advancement to Court.


*Additional charge incurred.